Day 24 – 11.19 – Ethics

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November 19, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Very few blogs have been written about ethics so far, so…

EITHER work on your homework and post it OR return to the prompt from Monday and reconsider the ethical dimensions of your editing choices.  (Hint, there are ethical ramifications in every aspect of technical writing.  Being able to identify them on a case by case basis is paramount for your success.)  If you haven’t started on your homework, AT LEAST go to p.75 and answer the questions posed there in a new blog entry.  Remember, tag each blog entry.


Group review of remaining films:

Arrange yourselves into 3 groups and screen each other’s films.  There is no need to repeat the films we screened on Monday, but you should follow a similar pattern of watching the film without any introduction and then discuss it as a group.  If you don’t particularly mind sharing the video for the rest of the class, tweet a link to your youtube page @techwriting462 with #affectivevideoproject.


Discussion of Ethics

  • Ethics in General
  • Ethics in Particular Disciplines
  • Ethics in Technical Writing
  • Codes/Principles/Practices
  • Why Study Ethics?



Spend some time with your blog.  Many of you are well behind the number of blogs you’ll need.  This is especially the case if you are considering your blog as your commonplace book.  To be clear, your blog should have a significant number of entries that ARE NOT ASSIGNED AS FREEWRITING OR HOMEWORK to be considered as your commonplace book as well.  Each entry should have multiple tags.  And the commonplace book entries should be tagged with AT LEAST “commonplace book”.  There should be links and all kinds of media.  Spend some time looking around your classmate’s blogs…link to them…comment upon them.  My initial hope was that this collective blogging and engagement with social media could trigger some unexpected connections for us.  Going through the blogs is a little flat right now.  Put in some effort over the weekend to edit your blog and connect with the rest of the class.  As you do, take some notes about the process and how it works for you.  These notes will be useful for your reflection letter at the end of the semester.



  • As you consider revisions of your Affective Video Project for the portfolio, think carefully about resolution and aspect ratios.  I will not take these into effect when grading the first draft, but it should be addressed before the portfolio. Here are some links to help understand this issue:



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