Day 26 – 12.1 – Re-Visions and Audio Workshop

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December 1, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Find a short blog post you have written this semester.  Copy and paste all the text into a new blog post.  Beneath the original text, re-vise for clarity, grammar, tone, and style in accordance with the lessons in TC Chapter 10 (especially p.274-282).  Then find a visual online that can augment the argument in the text and include it artfully within your post.  Tweet a link to the new blog post @techwriting462 with #revision.


The following sentences were taken from Affective Video Memos:

  • I find exhibiting your services is first and foremost important in the video.
  • In my opinion, having another human voice talking directly too you will bring out the most emotion.
  • It is basically the concept that I told you about a couple weeks ago.

Editing Audio:

Open your project in Premiere Pro and spend some time working with the audio.  By the end of the class, you should be able to add audio transitions and insert keyframes to adjust the levels.

Here is a tutorial describing audio editing and keyframing in detail.

Today is a workday, so use your time to edit, revise, ask questions, etc.  If you work better in a different environment, feel free to leave early.


Bring hard copies of any text you plan to use in your final project or portfolio for peer review.  Review pdfs in the class dropbox (technical writing tips, wordy sentences, sections from White Space).  Also, as you begin the next stage of editing your video, please refer to the general notes I provided here.

Revision Links:

Revision Notes on Runyan’s Op-Ed on Same-Sex marriage

Why Your Writing Sounds Weird

To Write a Good Sentence, Write a Bad Sentence First

Plain Language in Technical Writing

Shell Scripts for Finding Bad Writing

Another Plastic Bag Mockumentary


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