Day 27 – 12.3 – Last Day / Peer Review

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December 3, 2014 by Brian Harmon

Student Evaluations


Compose a new blog post in which you rhetorically analyze THIS KICKSTARTER PAGE.

You might comment on the text, the still media (photos, logos, design, info-graphics), the video, or the content (the rewards, the updates, the general layout).  If you had some extra cash, would you consider this project? Why or why not? What can you learn (both what to do AND not to do) from this project?


Peer Review:

Find a partner and take turns presenting the final project.  You might also discuss your respective portfolios, blogs, or commonplace projects.  I’ll be walking around to answer questions as needed.  As with all peer review exercises, be honest but constructive.  Any time we have left is workshop time.


Final Notes:

In order to save space on Dropbox, I’ll be taking those files down shortly after the semester, so be sure to make a copy before next week.  The TC and WS texts are valuable resources that might prove useful in the future.

TAGGING is essential for both the final blog and the commonplace book.  Ease of navigation will be a grading factor.  This is a subject that might be discussed/explained in your final memo.

I’ll be on campus on Friday from around noon until 5:30pm if you want to hand in a portfolio in person (always best to arrange a meeting as I’m in and out of my office).  I will make reasonable arrangements to meet over the weekend as well.  Remember, Sunday is your last day to submit something material (because I’ll be in India).  Digital submissions (again, consider navigation) will be accepted until the 9th at midnight.

Here is some video inspiration I just added to my commonplace book (Evernote).

Woodford Reserve Ad

How to Sharpen Pencils

8 Free Online Courses about Starting a Digital Business



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