Day 25 – 11.24 – Ethics and Commonplaces

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November 24, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Go to THIS page or find the links to commonplace resources HERE, and read through some of the history of commonplace books.  Create 3 new blog entries (or 3 new pages in whichever system you are using) from the text or media you find.  Make sure to tag each new entry appropriately (with AT LEAST #commonplace, #commonplacehistory, etc).  This should be done very quickly.  What kind of phrase, image, tidbit of information strikes you as interesting or useful? Grab it, tag it, and move on.

Then, compose a short blog entry outlining the status of your commonplace book.  What platform are you using? What kinds of search criteria have been helpful or not? How many entries do you have? Tweet a link to this post @techwriting462 with #commonplace.  Spend any remaining time looking at the responses of your classmates.


Review Final Assignment and Due Dates




Transnational Ethics


Plastic Bag

I encourage you to live tweet with ideas about how this film intersects with technical writing.  Tweet @techwriting462 with #plasticbag.  I will give extra credit (1 point) to the best (according to me) tweet(s) connecting our discussions about technical writing, rhetoric, ethics, technology, etc to this film.



Gather media for your Kickstarter / Proving Ground campaign.  Begin the process of revision of your social media project and poster design.  Work on your blog and your commonplace book.



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