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  1. Day 8 – 9.24 – Employment Project Due / Visual Analysis


    September 23, 2014 by Brian Harmon

    Freewriting: While not an official aspect of the assignment due today, most current composition pedagogy (and for that matter corporate …
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  2. Day 7 – 9.17 – Imitation Practicum

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    September 17, 2014 by Brian Harmon

    Today is a work day.  For some of you, it will be a very standard exercise in graphic design that …
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  3. Imitation Exercise


    September 15, 2014 by Brian Harmon

    illustrate (v.)1520s, “light up, shed light on;” 1610s, “educate by means of examples,” back-formation from illustration, and in some cases …
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  4. Notes on Blog Posts


    September 8, 2014 by Brian Harmon

    What should you say? First off, address the prompt.  If you don’t have much to add, try to triangulate something …
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