Day 22 – 11.12 – Fair Use and Affective Bodies

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November 12, 2014 by Brian Harmon


After watching the clip from Alma Har’el’s 2012 documentary Bombay Beach, compose a blog post that engages one or more of the following prompts:

  • Is this a visual ethnography? How? Or is it closer to a documentary? Or some other genre?
  • What is traditional and/or unique about its production style?
  • Is it affective?  If so, how? (be specific)
  • What kind of knowledge does it produce?

Note: Are you tagging your blog posts? Hint, tag your blog posts! Throw a link to your blog @techwriting462 and #bombaybeach.




Finish your Affective Video Project.  DUE before class on Monday! Be pedantic about the requirements.

Compose a new blog entry engaging copyright and fair use in relation to your Affective Video Project.  Are you susceptible to prosecution under the copyright laws you’ve read about so far? How (other than “it’s educational”) might your film qualify for Fair Use status?

Read:  TC – Chapter 4 on Ethics



Archive of $0 pledged kickstarter fails: Kickended

Copyright and Fair Use articulated differently (for teachers)


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