Day 20 – 11.5 – Affecting Technical Writing

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November 5, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Because the Law reading was not in the class Dropbox (at least as of yesterday), you are off the hook for a short comprehension quiz I was planning for today.  This is an important reading for understanding the conceptual dimensions of the work I’m asking you to do, so please take some time with it.  Print it out, annotate it, and be ready for a quiz next Monday.  Remember, when you access the class dropbox, be sure to COPY and PASTE the media instead of DRAGGING and DROPPING so everyone can maintain access.



Compose a blog post in which you ruminate on your Object in 60.  What was the experience like? What did you end up with? What genre(s) of film/TV/internet does your film reflect or interrupt? Finish the post with a few words about your plans for the next assignment.  Post a link to this blog entry in the description of your video on Youtube.



In groups of 3-4, screen and discuss your films.  Structure your discussion of each film through (at least) two broad categories: Concept and Production.  For the first, think about the film as a whole (and in its constituent media clips) conceptually – did it make sense in relation to the title of the piece?  For the second, examine the production carefully.  How did it LOOK?  How did it SOUND? Was it professional or amateur? Why? Did the transitions enhance or distract the media they connected?  This is designed to encourage discussion of your experience.  Share tricks and fumbles, and lessons both good and bad.

Finally, choose one film from the group to be screened for the whole class and transfer it digitally to the main computer.


(Brief) Discussion:

  • Kickstarter in Technical Composition
  • Genres influencing Kickstarter videos
  • Difference between AFFECT and EFFECT
  • Bombay Beach
  • Leviathan
  • Sweetgrass
  • Review Affective Video Project



Read the Introduction (p1-15) to John Law’s After Method.  It is (now) in the class DB.  Be ready for a quiz.

Compose a new blog entry examining a short segment of a film of your choosing.  The segment should be at least two minutes long.  First give a short synopsis (Ekphrasis), and follow this with a detailed edit decision list (short description of each shot with time codes).

Sensory Ethnography Lab



Creating Multimodal Portfolios with Acrobat

Oppressed Majority

Visions Undergrad Film Festival

Hollaback research and video methods

Creative Success in the Internet Age

Top Ten Kickstarter Fails


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