Day 18 – 10.29 – Object in 60


October 29, 2014 by Brian Harmon


  • Tweet the title of your Object in 60 @techwriting462.
  • Tweet a link to your favorite music video @techwriting462.
  • Tweet a link to a kickstarter project that you found intriguing in some way @techwriting462.

(In each of the three tweets, give a short description of your choice.)


Object in 60 Mini-Assignment:

Over the next two class periods, you are to produce a video that addresses, introduces, suggests, and/or explains a specific object, concept, or service in EXACTLY 60 seconds.  This assignment is designed to give you more practice with non-linear video editing while focusing your attention toward a specific purpose.  Your video must meet the following requirements:

  • Your video must run 60 seconds – no more, no less – including title screen and any credits.
  • Your video must take an explanatory, critical, reflective, and/or interpretive approach to its subject matter.
  • You must strip your video of all actual audio.  You may layer audio in your project as long as you avoid all literal video/audio recording.
  • Your video must be titled “__________in 60.”  There must be a title screen somewhere in your video.  You must also give yourself credit as the video artist/composer somewhere in the video.
  • You must secure permissions for all materials used in your project.  You must give credit for all media used in your video.
  • You must upload your video to your Youtube Channel and tweet a link to the video @techwriting462 with #objectin60 by the end of the class period on Monday.


Useful Links:

Internet Archive

Free Video Clips


List of Free Image Sites

Free Sounds

Stock Audio Library



Gather media to finish your Object in 60.  (Also begin gathering media for your Affective Video Project.)

If you need to edit outside of class, HERE are the hours for the Gambrell Computer Lab.  The following computers in Thomas Cooper have the Adobe Suite: Computers 48-55.

I’ve posted some reading in a folder called ‘Affect’ in Dropbox.  We’ll be discussing some of this stuff next week.


One thought on “Day 18 – 10.29 – Object in 60

  1. […] the composition of your Object in 60.  If you need to refer to the assignment details, check HERE.  While this is a practice exercise, I’d like you to be pedantic about the details.  As you […]

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