Day 16 – 10.22 – Video Editing Practicum – Part 1


October 22, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Reflect on any experience you have with the production of moving images.  Home movies, class projects, personal projects, acting, friends who are actors…whatever…compose a few paragraphs about an experience with movies that stands out in your memory.  If you are an experienced filmmaker, perhaps give some background on how you got started and what aspects of the production process most appeal to you.

Tweet a link to this blog entry @techwriting462 with #moviememories.


Video Practicum:

Sign up for Youtube channel using your class gmail account.  Connect with the class youtube account here.

Produce a short video, and post it to youtube by the end of the class.

This is a crash course, designed especially for those with NO previous experience.  I will lead the neophytes through a quick demonstration and then let you loose.  This is the way I learned.  Just dive in.  You’ll have at least two more videos to produce for this class, so this is practice time.  There is no need for coherent narratives or beautiful aesthetics. For the sake of time, limit your movies to no more than 2 minutes in length.  Your video should contain the following elements:

  • Moving image
  • Still image (if you have time, try some Ken Burns effects)
  • Audio
  • Title cards (for 10 seconds at the beginning and end) with the follow information:
    • Title
    • Your name
    • Date

Follow these steps:

  • Open Premiere Pro
  • Start a “New Project” (save project and all sub-folders to a folder on your external drive)
  • Import some media into the project
  • Arrange the media on the timeline
  • Add title cards
  • Export timeline as h.264
  • Upload finished film to your youtube account
  • Finally, tweet a link to your video @techwriting462

When you are finished, you are welcome to leave.  Have a great Fall Break!



REMINDER: Social Media Report Due on Monday 10.27 (bring hard copy)

Create a new blog post addressing the following prompt:

I’ve tried to experiment with a different model of pedagogy over the last few weeks with multiple posts (50+) to twitter and facebook.  I thought this would be a new model for disseminating information in a different way and to create a dialogue outside of class.    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much interaction.  Why do you think this didn’t work so well?  Do you see a future for professors and students interacting through social media, or is this model untenable?  Give some specific explanation for your thoughts as well as any suggestions for ways to improve this social media unit.

Next week we will produce a ‘Concept in 60’ so spend some time over the fall break planning and collecting media.  For some background information and examples of this assignment, here is a link to an academic webtext of which I am a co-author.

Techne in 60 (this is a draft to be published next year in Computers and Composition Online)

Come next week with a flash drive, ready to edit.  While we’ll be concentrating on the Concept in 60 as a mechanism for practice, you should keep in mind your next assignment, the details of which can be found HERE.

Here are some more links to find media/inspiration…

Internet Archive

Google Releases FREE Icon sets

(maybe pick one and make a concept in 60 out of it?)



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