Day 15 – 10.20 – Visual Social Media

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October 20, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Take a few minutes to reflect on what you have noticed signing up for new social media accounts for this class.  Any big surprises?  Here are some more specific prompts if needed: What is the difference between the kind of communication that is possible with twitter and that with instagram?  How are you planning to go about finding research/evidence to convince the organization/small business that your suggestion for implementation of social media is a good idea?  What are the dangers of using social media for your organization?

Review of Employment Projects:

  • Cover Letters
    • Format (p.427)
    • Tone (brown-nosing vs. over-confidence)
    • Grammar
      • There are a range of problems here. Check Purdue OWL for help!
  • Resumes
  • Multimodal Remix
    • Examples


Social Media Report:

Due next Monday 10.27

Be sure to include the following elements: Title Page, Summary, Research, Conclusion, Visuals. Check for other requirements HERE.




We’re beginning the video practicum on Wednesday, so depending on your comfort level with video editing, watch a tutorial or two before class!  HERE is an example of an entry-level tutorial endorsed by Adobe.

Bring your flash/hard drive with some media with which to work.

Extra Reading:

Information on formal reports for Science/Engineering Students can be found HERE.

Snapchat Hacked

10 Reasons Visual Media will Dominate in 2014





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