Day 14 – 10.15 – Social Media

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October 15, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Answer the following as a blog post.  Then tweet a link to that page @techwriting462 with #quiz.

1.  What is the difference between informal and formal reports?

2.  What does #FergusonOctober mean to you?

3.  Who is your most interesting “follow” since you joined Twitter/Facebook and why?

4.  What social media platform are you leaning towards exploring for your 3rd project and why?



Informal vs Formal Reports

Multitudes Hashtagging Revolutions

Group Twitter Exploration

-Choose topic and complete the following

  • Discuss strategies for finding information about your topic.
  • Compose 10 tweets EACH about a central topic.
  • Organize tweets with the following hashtags:
    • #techwriting462g(group number)…include in EVERY TWEET
    • #(your topic)…include in EVERY TWEET
    • #(category)…choose the appropriate category
      • #introduction
      • #research
      • #gossip
      • #image
      • #news



Social Media in the Arab Spring (University of Washington) – PDF on Dropbox

Explore visual social media (Flickr, Instagram, Hyperlapse, SnapChat, Vine, etc)

(Check back for more readings.)


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