Day 13 – 10.13 – Social Media

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October 13, 2014 by Brian Harmon


With your newly created Twitter account, search #FergusonOctober.  Scan the tweets from the last few hours and pick several (3-5) that catch your attention for one reason or another.  Copy and paste these tweets into a new blog as below.  For each tweet give a few sentences that explain your choice.  I am interested in tweets that give information/media that is uniquely suited to the Twitter genre(s).  What is it about the tweets you chose that couldn’t have been accomplished in either traditional media formats or different social media platforms?

Dr. Cornell West arrested.

(Here is another bit of social/traditional media about social media in relation to Cornel West.)


Late Note:

There was a staggering lack of participation with the homework assignment for today which I realize may have been the result of hurrying too much at the end of our last class.  Please review the assignment that was due for today and participate by reaching out to the class Twitter and Facebook.  Come to class on Wednesday prepared to discuss your experiences with both Facebook and Twitter.  There will be a short quiz on the reading for today.




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