Day 12 – 10.8 – Social Media


October 8, 2014 by Brian Harmon


Begin a new blog post with an original definition for ‘social media’.  Then proceed with ONE of the following options:

  • List all the various examples of social media (by your definition) that you use regularly.  Order them in some way.  Then compose a paragraph explaining the organizational system and the importance of social media in your life.
  • Pick one example of social media that you use regularly.  Explain its importance to your life and speculate about life without it.
  • Pick one example of social media that is detrimental to society in some way.  Explain the potential danger(s) and speculate about how society might protect itself from these dangers.


Discussion of Social Media:

  • Assignment
  • Definitions/Categories/Examples
  • Conventions
  • Possibilities
  • Dangers
  • Reach/Crowd-Sourcing

Create a unique account on Facebook and/or Twitter using the email you created for this class.  As you go through the sign-up process, be mindful of the kinds of questions you’re asked and consider how you answer carefully.  Use these accounts as a heuristic with which to critically engage with these applications in relation to your social media report.   Create a few posts/tweets, connect the accounts if you’d like (so when you tweet it simultaneously appears on Facebook), “like/follow” whomever is appropriate.  Then reach out to the class social media platforms on FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER.  The first question for which I’d like a crowd-sourced answer is the following: What hashtag (#) should we use to connect our work?  You might also comment upon some aspect of the readings.  Ask a question, pose an idea, link other sources.



Social Media and Academic Surveillance: The Ethics of Digital Bodies

Pre-Commerce Podcast (19:48)

Read TC Chapter 22 p.662-678


Recommended Links:

(new readings in ‘social media’ folder in the class dropbox)

PBS on Social Media in Classrooms

Fake Facebook Profiles

Exploiting Social Navigation Abstract

Inside Sina Weibo


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