Day 11 – 10.6 – Visual Design Review

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October 6, 2014 by Brian Harmon


As you did with the employment project, I’d like for you take a few minutes and reflect on what you produced for the visual design project.  This is a space to consider successes and failures.  What would you have done differently with more time/money/experience.  What do you think works particularly well?  How might the skills you acquired/refined during this process be useful in the future?  INCLUDE YOUR POSTER WITH THIS BLOG POST!


Discussion of Visual Design Projects:

In a short introduction, please introduce your poster and give some brief comments on the design choices you made regarding fonts, images, colors, etc.


Introduction to Social Media Assignment:

In the next section of this class, we will investigate social media.  What do we mean by this term?  What are some examples?  Your next major assignment involves the composition of  a report for an organization/small business outlining your recommendation for utilizing this new phenomenon.  I suggest taking some time to consider your own use of social media and begin thinking about which specific apps would be beneficial to your organization.  The next project is due October 20.

In order to transition from the visual design unit to the social media report (and to underline the connections I’m trying to produce with this syllabus), I’d like for you to create an icon for the organization for which you designed your poster.  Follow these instructions:

Open Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Create a new document with the dimensions set at 57 x57 pixels.

Design your icon.

Export as jpeg and upload as a new blog post.

Apple APP Store for some inspiration.

CLICK HERE for some useful icon development guidelines (and a template).

Icon Design Tutorial for step by step instructions.



Read TC Chapter 21, p.636-656

Scientific American on Social Media in Natural Disasters

New Demographics of Social Media



Last minute emails inquiring about project requirements that have been clearly explained elsewhere on this site will not be routinely answered.  Furthermore, I urge everyone to think carefully about the potential production (and loss) of ethos in every communication you embark upon.  You should practice professional communication at every step during this class. Avoid single sentence emails (with no salutation or context) to any professor AT ALL COST.


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