Day 10 – 10.1 – Design Workday

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October 1, 2014 by Brian Harmon

Hawhee Octopus Final 6-01

Original Octopus Image

Texture Resources

Reminder: Your VISUAL DESIGN PROJECT is due NEXT MONDAY (10.6).  Please read the assignment carefully and be sure to bring a hard copy of your poster (failure to bring a hard copy will result in a full letter grade deduction) and a hard copy of the accompanying memo.  For printing services, I can highly recommend the COPY SHOP on Gervais.  They just printed these RSA posters for less than $1 each.

While not required, there are some excerpts from White Space is Not Your Enemy in the class dropbox.  You may find some of this language helpful for the memo.  And, while it is jumping ahead slightly, you might also reference your textbook for advice on composing professional memos.

I’ll do my best today to help everyone.  If you have a simple question, ask your neighbor or do a quick google search to see if you can find the answer.  Remember, this is a different kind of learning, one that is more intuitive and mercurial.  Go with your gut and learn shortcuts to streamline the process.

Illustrator Poster Tutorial


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