Day 9 – 9.29 – Photographs and Design


September 29, 2014 by Brian Harmon


As an example of the classical rhetorical exercise known as EKPHRASIS, spend a few moments using text to describe what you expect your poster design will look like.  You might also outline which design elements will play an important role.

As others are finishing, be thinking of a brief elevator pitch for your organization/small business.




Write a new blog post after reviewing THIS website which describes and gives examples for 36 design ‘triggers.’  Pick 3 of these triggers that you plan on deploying in your poster design.  Similar to the blog post for today’s freewrite, I am interested in giving you a chance to brainstorm some material/concepts that you can fold into the memo due next week.

Prepare for WORKDAY on Wednesday.  Bring any photographs/artwork/fonts/etc you might need for your design on your flash drive.  Be ready with questions to ask.  Your VISUAL DESIGN PROJECT is DUE 10.6.

Reminder: there are mac labs in Gambrell and Thomas Cooper with the Adobe Design Suite should you need to work outside of class.


Suggested Reading (in Dropbox) and Viewing:

Diane George: “From Analysis to Design: Visual Communication in the Teaching of Writing.”

Susan Katz: “Assessing a Hybrid Format”

Tiffany Portewig: “Making Sense of the Visual in Technical Communication: A Visual Literacy Approach to Pedagogy”

Two great poster design documentaries on Netflix


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