Day 8 – 9.24 – Employment Project Due / Visual Analysis


September 23, 2014 by Brian Harmon


While not an official aspect of the assignment due today, most current composition pedagogy (and for that matter corporate management) stresses the importance of reflection upon major assignments.  This is a space for thinking about what was especially successful about your effort as well as what might not be so great. What surprised you? What was easier than you first anticipated? What would you do differently with a bit more time, technology, or experience.  Lastly, would you hire you?



Visual Analysis

  • Importance (review NEXT ASSIGNMENT)
  • Formal Design Elements
    • Check out this collection of AWARD WINNING POSTERS
    • Without thinking too much, find one that speaks to you visually in some way (so not just content), RIGHT CLICK and save the image to your flash drive.  Then insert that image into a blog post and jot down a few sentences to articulate what was appealing about this image.
  • C.R.A.P. Design
  • Fonts (Helvetica)
  • Photography
  • Commonplace Books

In small groups, consider the following images:

IMG_0260 AP/Jeff RobersonIMG_0261NY Times / Whitney Curtis ferguson2Twitter / ?


Using some of the rhetorical analysis strategies we’ve discussed, think about the differences and similarities between these images and how those differences might impact the relative effectiveness of the “argument”.



Compose an informal proposal (150-300 words) outlining your most recent thoughts about the organization/small business you are considering for the remainder of the projects this semester. Hard Copy due Monday 9.29.  This is not a binding document, but will hopefully encourage you to begin thinking seriously about the rest of the semester if you haven’t already begun.

Reading: TC – Chapter 9, 242-260

Begin considering the form and gathering content for your commonplace book.

Suggested Reading:

UT Austin on Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric and Non-Profit Design

Visual Rhetoric Overview -OWL

Wired Design

Bad Graphic Design

Bad Logo Design

90 Best Tumblr Blogs for Design Inspiration


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