Day 3 – 9.3 – Rhetoric


September 3, 2014 by Brian Harmon


As a new blog post, complete a brief rhetorical analysis of this website.  You might consider things like genre, ethos, pathos, logos, exigency, audience.

In Class:

– Review/Continue discussion of GENRE & RHETORIC –

– Group practice with Rhetorical Analysis –

– Updates & Reminders


Read Carolyn Miller’s “What’s Practical About Technical Writing” (on Dropbox)

Compose a blog post as a response to #9 on p.42 of Technical Communication in the 21st Century.  Make sure to include a visual representation of the receipts (at least 2).  Email a link to your post to harmonb462.  Include “HW#1” in the subject line.

Ethos is important.  Compose some content for the “About” page of your blog and make sure it is updated.


Be looking for Job Ads for which you can tailor your Employment Project.

Be thinking about the organization/small business for which you will tailor your remaining class projects.

For more information about rhetoric, check out the website for RSA (Rhetoric Society of America).

– Optional readings in Dropbox (Fahnestock and Secor’s Rhetorical Analysis) –


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