Day 2 – 8.27 – Genre and Rhetoric

August 27, 2014 by Brian Harmon


As a new blog entry, consider what you know about the terms “GENRE” and “RHETORIC”.  You might approach this task etymologically, functionally, or practically.  As a baseline, give a working definition of each term and suggest a few ways these terms might intersect with technical communication? (A paragraph or two will suffice.)


  • Read TC Chapter 2 (p.22-43)
  • Create a new blog entry in which you list several genres that you expect to encounter in your chosen career path.  Using our discussion and your reading about genre and rhetoric, consider some important characteristics of these genres and give some strategies for engaging with these genres.
  • Be looking for a job for which you can ‘apply’ for assignment #1.  Also be thinking about what organization/small business might be suitable for the remainder of the projects in this course.  The sooner you can nail that down, the better your work will inevitably be.


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